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Best Areas to Settle Down in Bangalore


Bangalore is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in India. It is a demographically diverse city that has quickly risen to become one of the country's most important economic hubs and fastest-growing metropolises. It now plays a significant role in public sector enterprises, software corporations, aerospace, telecommunications, and other industries across India. It is also known as India's Silicon Valley.

Best Areas to Settle Down in Bangalore

Bangalore is suitable for everyone, so that people of all backgrounds may live happily together. Bangalore's silicon city offers a choice of residential regions appropriate for people who seek to dwell in the city. The following are the top best locations to live in Bangalore:


Basavanagudi is one of the oldest residential and business neighbourhoods on the outskirts of Bengaluru. It's a green town with prestigious institutions, bustling marketplaces, plenty of parks with ancient trees, miniature lakes, and a diverse range of eateries. Prominent educational institutions in the region include the B.M.S. College of Engineering and the National College. Residents benefit from good connectivity because of the National College and Lalbagh metro stations on the green line.


Indiranagar is the most popular location and one of Bangalore's most affluent yet expensive neighbourhoods. Bangalore is a known business neighbourhood since it is home to many start-up enterprises.

Located in the city's centre, it has everything to do with amusement, including lively bars, parks, gyms, hospitals, and hotels, among other things. With a constant stream of retail malls, it is considered Bangalore's most famous shopping destination. Renting or purchasing housing in this location may dent your wallet, but there's nothing you can't anticipate once you're here.

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Devanahalli was formerly just a sleepy town 40 kilometres north of Bangalore. That changed when the Kempegowda International Airport was built 5 kilometres from the city.

As more and more business establishments sprung up in the neighbourhood, Devanahalli was thrown into the spotlight and catapulted to popularity. The growth of the international airport brought an unlimited change in the whole area.

Furthermore, Devanahalli boasts of reputed schools such as Gnana Deep Academy Residential School, Oxford English School and Akash International School, and Leena Multispecialty Hospital and Akash Hospital. It has a D-Mart, with many more shopping centres coming up. The Padukone-Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence, providing training facilities for various sporting activities, is also present nearby. Moreover, big real-estate groups like Tata One Bangalore Luxury is planning a township project, 'Tata Housing Bangalore', located in Devanahalli in the North zone of Bangalore.


Koramangala is a flourishing district with several premium residential flats. It is at the top of the ideal locations in Bangalore, among other linked regions in south Bangalore.

Koramangala also has several men's P.G.s and residential facilities. It connects the city's key destinations, such as Electronic City, Hosur Road, Intermediate Ring Road, Airport Road, etc.

It is a cosmopolitan region with several retail malls and restaurants, and it has many lively party venues for the city's young. It is also a shopping attraction because it is home to the world-famous Forum Mall.

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