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Best Tata Apartments in Bangalore


Tata Housing is a prominent builder in India and across the globe. This is a chain of Prestigious Tata Group. Tata Housing offers superior quality and innovative projects with the help of international experts. These are collectively a masterpiece that offers us a great lifestyle with the best comfort, convenience and safety and luxury.

Best Tata Apartments in Bangalore

Let’s go ahead and discuss the best Tata Apartments in Bangalore.

The Tata Promont

This is the best project we could gift ourselves for this new year. This Tata Promont property is a project overloaded with richness across all its edges. The 4 towers of this Tata Promont looks gorgeous on a hilltop with breathtaking views. This project is designed on 14 acres with only 312 units having 4 BHK configurations. This premium Tata Promont is an outstanding property with 20+ world-class amenities such as a business centre, golf course simulator, library, mini theatre.

Tata One Bangalore Luxury

Tata One Bangalore Luxury

This is an upcoming property of Tata Housing been designed with township concepts. Townships are way ahead of normal cluster living complexes called apartments. This is due to the comfort, luxury, and convenience and safety we get from these township properties. On these properties, all the property types, commercial and retail space are available to offer us all the facilities just on the doorsteps. Tata One Bangalore Luxury is designed to have the finest infrastructure with villas, apartments, business centres and malls. This property is arranged on 135 acres land parcel with multiple housing options. Tata One Bangalore is located at Devanahalli, Bangalore. You know this property is located just 2kms from the BIAL.

Tata Riva

Tata Riva is a senior living property located off Tumkur Road. It’s an extension of Tata New Haven property. This Riva property offers the seniors to live an active and independent life. There are many top-notch facilities provided on this property such as 24*7 healthcare facilities, a fully equipped library, age-friendly gymnasium, meditation and yoga room.

Tata New Haven

This is an integrated property developed by Tata Housing. The total development size of this property is 25 acres. On that 25 acres, there are many 1.5,2,3 BHK homes developed on the Tata New Haven. Alongside there is a senior living property called Tata Riva.

Do you know this Tata New Haven property is centrally located off Tumkur Road? Thus we could connect major parts of the city in just 20 minutes.

There are over 20+ facilities in this Tata New Haven property.

Few Takeaways

  • Tata Housing properties are designed by International experts to offer a great contemporary architecture
  • We could yield the best returns as there is high demand for Tata Properties
  • The architecture and planning of this brand are phenomenal.
  • Best In quality
  • There are many size configurations available such as 550sqft, 760sqft, 980sqft, 1200sqft, 1500sqft and 2100sqft.
  • The units are of ideal sizes such as a foyer of 3.5*3.8sqft, living 10.4*12.7sqft, balcony of size 2.11wide. A master bedroom of size 10.4*11sqft and a study room of size 8.6*7.6sqft.

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